Universal Call to Holiness

As many can tell if they have regularly read this article, this comes as a “stream of conscious” article. The call, in my estimation, is diverse and multidimensional. I really don’t think that this call to holiness can be simplified into just one approach.

I do think that the call is a call to becoming an authentic human being – a human being that is focused on becoming all that God has created him to be. This is, in my estimation, the “goal” of life – to become all that God has created us to be. When we strive to become all that God has created us to be, we find the true meaning and purpose of our life.

We are here to complete God’s creation. We need to be who we are in order for God’s creation to be complete. When we are no longer needed to fulfill this need, we pass on to the next realm of existence.

Since life is eternal, this life on earth is only a part of an eternal progression that is designed to help us grow in a greater likeness of Jesus, the Christ.

I truly do think that one of the unfortunate things that has arisen in Western Christianity is the thought and idea, as I see it played out in Western Theology, that this life on earth is all that there is to life and that we either make it or break it during this lifetime. There seems to be an attitude that the way you live during this brief period on earth either results in reward or punishment. This, in my estimation, eliminates the possibility of an eternity of possible growth as human beings. The reason this thinking has come into existence, I firmly believe, is that if people have the thought that they have other lifetimes to grow in their likeness of Christ, they will make no efforts during this life time to become more like Christ. I reject this estimation of humankind. I refuse to sell humans short.

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