The call to holiness is a call to utilize the power of our intelligence to come to a deeper understanding of the meaning and the purpose of our life. The call to holiness is a call to believe that we have not been created for no reason and are only an accident.

Once we begin to truly understand the meaning and purpose of our life, we begin to realize our own value and worth in the eyes of God. This way of thinking helps us to realize that God loves us so much that He took the chance from all eternity to grant humans, the greatest of all His creation, the ability to voluntarily return His love or to reject His love.

Just think about what you just read. Our God, Who is almighty, loves us so very much that He gave us free will with the belief that if we knew how much He loves us, we would freely return His love. This is partially due to the fact that He realizes the power of love, true love. True love is creative. True love requires the one loving to extend love to others.

It is our conception of God as Three-In-One, requires this understanding of love. The very life of the Trinity is love, the Father loving the Son completely, therefore giving life to the Spirit. Much like a child ordinarily is the expression of the love between the father and mother, so too the love between Father and Son is expressed in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Of course while all Three Divine Persons have existed from all eternity, it is the power of LOVE that calls them all into existence. The Trinity is the model of the love that must exist between humans. If true love exists, then it is creative, bringing families and communities into existence. A family or a community (church) that does not have love between its members, is truly not a family or a church. “Let us truly love one another so that we can profess belief in Father, Son and Holy Spirit,” a prayer from our very Liturgy.

Given this, we see that all of God’s interactions with us are dictated by LOVE. Somewhere along the way, the human element of the Church has distorted this. The bottom line is that GOD UNCONDITIONALLY LOVES US!

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