Christ IS Born! Glorify Him!

Christ IS Born! Glorify Him! Христос Раждається! – Славіте Його! – Ukrainian

Kristus De Je Rodil! – Slavite Ga! – Slovenian

Christos Gennatai! – Doxasate! – Greek

وُلِد المسيحُ، فَمَجِّدُوه – Arabic

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we come to the end of 2016, we again join in a celebration of our belief that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity became incarnate in the Person of Jesus to reveal to us that we share in God’s own Divine Life. Our celebration expresses our belief that God voluntarily made Himself a part of His creation, keeping it and us in existence. We believe that He gave Himself to His creation out of love.

Because of this belief, we understand that to properly celebrate this feast we must extend our love unconditionally to one another. This love, however, is not expressed by material things but, rather, in the way we interact with and treat others. As God gave Himself to us in this most unique and miraculous manner, we are called to give ourselves in an unique manner to all others who are a part of our life.

This requires, however, that we do all in our power to remove crass commercialism from our celebration. This requires that we make an effort to witness to the true reason why we celebrate this feast – witness to our belief that this feast recalls the fact that God became man.

As we celebrate this day, I would extend my sincerest and warmest greetings to all those who have joined me in the celebration of this feast. It is my priestly prayer that God bless each of you with an abundance of happiness, love, joy and health. May you truly know that God IS with you, not only now but always.

I would extend special greetings to all who have helped in any way to make my job easier as your pastor and to bring unity to our spiritual communities. I would also extend greeting to all those who joined with me in celebrating this wondrous feast. It is my hope that it was spiritually rewarding to you and hope that it helped you to know that God IS with us.

I would extend greetings to all who, because of age or health, were not able to be here with me but are reading this Bulletin. Know that you were thought of and missed.

Finally, I would extend Christmas greetings to those who helped with the services in any way to make them truly more prayerful.

Father Wayne

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